Relocating to Leawood? 7 Things to Know

Relocating to Leawood? 7 Things to Know

  • Haley Epps
  • 09/11/22

Whether relocating for a job, for children, or to be closer to family, Leawood is a great option. Before searching for houses for sale in Leawood, KS, here are seven things to know about the moving process, as well as what makes Leawood a great place to live.

1. Know why you’re moving

Relocating is a big deal, which is why it’s important to think through why you’re moving. Some things to consider when relocating to Leawood homes for sale are if you’re excited about a job opportunity (if you’re moving for work), if you like the area, if your spouse and family are on the same page about moving (if you have family or are married), and if it’s a financially sound decision.

Other things to consider before relocating are how far away you’ll be from extended family and friends, what difference the cost of living is, and if these factors are sustainable. Sit and write a list to fully visualize the pros and cons before relocating.

2. Make a plan (and stick to it)

Once you’re sure that relocating is the right step to take, make a moving plan and stick to your schedule as closely as possible. Make a checklist of the items you’re packing away, as well as an inventory list so you know what you’ve brought when you unpack. When packing for a move, try to downsize to make packing more manageable and less expensive.

List out dates like the day you move out, the day and time you move into your new home, and how long moving will take. If any tasks are time-sensitive, prioritize them so you don’t miss the deadline. These steps will ensure you move into houses for sale in Leawood, KS, as smoothly as possible.

3. Be aware of moving expenses

Moving can cost a lot, especially if your new home is far away. If you’re moving for a job, then many companies offer funds for relocation costs. If that’s not the case for you, some common expenses that come with moving are closing costs on a home sale, packing up your home and moving your belongings, real estate commissions, closing costs on a new home purchase, and fees to turn utilities on and off. Have enough set aside for these costs to make relocation as smooth as possible.

4. Consider the long term

It can be difficult to take a step back and consider, but it’s important to ensure the decision you’re making is sound long-term. Consider if you would be willing to undergo the moving process again if the situation doesn’t pan out. If you’re moving for a job, understand how long your contract is, and if you can see yourself building a life in the area. Or maybe you don’t see relocation as a permanent move and plan on returning home to your family. Either way, trust your gut and make sure the move is worth it.

What makes Leawood a great place to live

Now that you understand what goes into relocating, there’s a lot that makes houses for sale in Leawood, KS a catch. Here are three reasons that make Leawood a great place to live.

5. The neighborhood environment

This is a beautiful place to live, with neighborhoods of gorgeous homes and luxury apartments, kept-up parks and playgrounds, and many activities nearby. Its location next to Kansas City imbues it with a friendly, community-driven mindset while offering a haven away from party scenes. Whether looking to settle down and retire, raise a family, or want somewhere quieter to love, Leawood is the place for you.

6. The school system

If you’re looking to relocate and you have a family with children, Leawood has an award-winning public school district. The Blue Valley School District has a 97% graduation rate and several special programs such as advanced placement courses to earn college credit, mentoring programs, k-12 enrichment programs, and more. When looking for Leawood homes for sale, take a look at this public school district.

7. Its surrounding amenities

From dining to shopping and entertainment, Leawood has a lot to offer to its residents. For a fancy night out, 801 Chophouse is the place to make a dinner reservation. Guests can enjoy a bottle from their award-winning wine list alongside high-quality prime steaks and fresh seafood. Or for cuisine from the award-winning chef James Beard, Rye is the place to chow down on American comfort food menu items from brunch to dinner.

There are also plenty of shopping opportunities for those in Leawood, like Park Place. This is a true look into Leawood’s community, as it has quaint boutiques like Alysa Rene Boutique and Owen & Graham, luxury experiences at Bare Med Spa, and events like the Park Place Farmer’s Market and Movies in the Square. Another option for shoppers is the Town Center Plaza, which neighbors Park Place. This shopping center houses mainstream brands like American Eagle and J. Crew, as well as entertainment options like the AMC movie theater and Pinot’ Palette.

Beyond eating and shopping in this Kansas city, residents can enjoy a day outdoors at the Prairie Oak Nature Center. The nature center is located in Ironwoods Park. The center offers a variety of scheduled programs for visitors of all ages to learn about the environment, as well as exhibits and habitats along a two-mile walking trail where visitors can see mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.  There’s also a bird feeding area and butterfly garden for a more interactive experience.

Ready to search Leawood homes for sale?

With these seven things to know about relocating to Leawood, you’re ready to take the plunge and relocate. For help finding the perfect home, contact Haley Epps to guide you through the process.

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